The Unseen

Artist Statement

 In the United States, approximately 14.8 million adults live with a depressive disorder. Only fifty percent of this mass come forward, and only six percent receive adequate treatment for their disorder. Studies show that depressive disorders take as many years off lives as AIDs and cancer combined. Though the public is somewhat aware of these illnesses it is often not taken seriously, nor is it understood. Clinical Depression is not simply sadness, nor is it controllable; it is a continuous, debilitating emotion that is different for each individual. Each triptych displays an individual who deals with a depressive disorder. The images portray the persons' space, their mental state, and how they cope.

This series developed out of my own personal experience with Clinical Depression. It has become therapeutic for me. Playing a therapist role, I see all of these beautiful people gracefully battling their own demons. I realize I was never really alone in my own struggle. Hopefully this brings that same comfort to others.