A Hunter's View

Artist Statement 

 My stepfather, Forrest, is an avid hunter and an oncologist dedicated to his practice and patients. I have spent many years attempting to know and understand this man who has had a substantial impact on my life. He spends his free time on his 500 acre property, which is dedicated to hunting. When I was younger I could not comprehend why he spent so much time there, nor was I interested. As I grew older, I was drawn to photograph the landscape. He served as my guide. I listened to him speak about this land, the animals, and the chores he does there. Sharing these experiences has allowed me to grow closer to my father and to understand why he is passionate about this sport; why he devotes so much time and effort to it.

     For Forrest, hunting is not about killing, it is a passion and understanding for nature and its ecosystems. It is an escape from one reality into another.

This is his story.

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